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     Since its inception in 1972, Seed-link has established an outstanding reputation as an international broker of agricultural seed and lawn seed for sowing, specialty crops, birdseeds and specialty grains. We have enjoyed continued success because:

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  • Solid relationships with reputable North American seed and agricultural commodity suppliers help us to bring you the products you need at competitive prices.
  • A dedication to customer service, backed by an effective team of administrative professional, ensures an orderly progression from contract negotiations to completion.
  • Long-term marketing affiliations world-wide provide a valuable international overview.

Peter Bonis

Peter Bonis has been engaged in the Seed Industry for 38 years. His experience includes all aspects of the seed business. After graduating from the Associate diploma course at the Ontario Agricultural College in 1958, he was an assistant Territory Manager selling and servicing livestock feed customers and responsible for raw seed purchasing, Hybrid Corn Research and Marketing and Forage and Lawn Seed Marketing in the Western Ontario, Canada. Later, he was transferred to Western Canada where he was responsible for a Forage Seed Conditioning Facility, Forage Seed Contracting activity and the Retail and Wholesale Lawn and Garden Seed distribution facility. He was further made responsible for International seed trading and traveled widely in Japan and Europe. He was then transferred to Toronto and was involved in all of the previous activity while also involved in marketing to large wholesalers in the Eastern Canadian Provinces.

In 1973, he formed his own International Seed Brokerage Company, which is active today as Seed-link Inc. This is a commission firm acting as an intermediary between buyers and sellers in many parts of the world. Seed-link Inc. works with a network of Co-brokers located in Denmark, Italy, Argentina and Australia and is active in the trade of agricultural, lawn seed, various commodity birdseeds and specialty crops.

In 1980, its work was expanded to include the breeders' agency plant breeding institutions. This work, which continues to the present, involves establishment of research contacts and capability with cooperators in most provinces of Canada and involves forage crops, cereals, peas and canola. This work has expanded to include representation of various other institutions and breeders, including the University of Guelph on selected canola varieties.

The function of breeders' agent includes all aspects of research and variety development, Stock and Certified seed production, Cultivar registration, Plant Variety protection, Representation agreements, Royalty collection. The clients served who are involved in marketing, include most of the major distributors of seed in Canada. The expertise attained across such a broad cross section of seed industry provides the company with entry to the important centers of authority in the seed business both in Industry and in regulatory areas.

He and his family operate a seed farm of approximately 850 acres devoted to seed production, including substantial areas of breeder and foundation productions of new cultivars. This activity includes a seed conditioning facility dedicated to processing the produce of the farm. The Canadian Seed Growers Association recognizes him as a producer of Foundation Canola seed, and of Pedigreed Cereals, Soybeans and Peas. Previous seed production experience includes successful Hybrid canola seed of the Variety ACH-102, a Cyctoplasmic male sterile variety using the polima hybrid system and maintenance of the male sterile female line. MSL 501C, used in the Lembke Hybrid and Synthetic Canola system currently used to produce the variety Synbrid 220 marketed in Western Canada by Cargill Seed Inc. A small beef cattle operation is also maintained to facilitate crop rotations and development of appropriate pedigreed cropland history through use of forages.

Rob Bonis

Robert Bonis has been engaged in the Seed business for 18 years. His experience includes Domestic retail and Wholesale marketing, International seed trading, Seed production, seed conditioning and farm management.

After graduation from Ridgetown College of Agricultural Technology in 1980, he was responsible for Retail and Wholesale sales throughout Ontario. In 1985, he joined Seed-link Inc in the role of International Seed broker and assumed responsibility for management of the farming operations. His role in the International Seed Brokerage business now includes full responsibility for all trading of Agricultural and Lawn seeds throughout Europe and North America. The farm acreage base has been enlarged and he is responsible for its overall management. The farming activities include numerous Breeder and Foundation increases of Canola, Peas, Cereals and Soybeans. The Canadian Seed Growers Association recognizes him as a Foundation producer of Canola and a pedigreed seed grower of cereals, soybeans and peas. Previous Hybrid Seed production includes work with the Polima and Lembke Hybrid Canola Systems.

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