Seed-link is an international seed brokerage company which acts as a intermediary to locate vendors and purchasers of seed in Canadian and international markets and to negotiate transactions between them. Payments for these services is in the form of commissions. Seed-link's contract is the legal contract of the transaction, and Seed-link interacts with the buyers and sellers to facilitate the smooth transaction.

Seed-link Office

     Seed-link, also acting as an intermediary, organizes contract multiplication of Pedigreed seed between buyers and sellers. These arrangements are longer term agreements in which the actual seed production is arranged. Seed-link contracts spell out the responsibilities and establishes the selling prices based on a formula using market prices during the year of harvest.

     Seed-link acts as a Breeders Agent to arrange for the testing and introduction of improved varieties to various markets of Canada, USA, and Europe. These services are paid for by participation in variety income paid to Seed-link by the party who markets the varieties. This service includes: management of research programs; supervision of registration programs; organizing of marketing programs, collection of royalties; and organization of seed production. Seed-link provides office services to other associated companies sharing the same offices and labour pool.

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