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Supervision of contract multiplication of species of Agricultural grasses, legumes, cereals, field peas and canola has long been a specialty of Seed-link Inc. Breeders and marketing organizations who are anxious to accomplish North American productions call upon Seed-link to professionally organize and supervise their work.

Seed-link currently supervises Seed multiplications of proprietary Forage crops of Alfalfa, Timothy, Red clover, Alsike, White clover, Ryegrasses, Orchardgrass and Fescues. It supervises multiplication's of various annual crops including; Peas, Barley, Wheat, Soybeans, Flax and has major involvement with Canola - both hybrid and conventional open pollinated.

Seed-link has a thorough knowledge of the capacity and capability of the various participants in the industry to carry out multiplication's. It has an excellent understanding of the climatic variation and geography of North America to assure placement of acreages in the best potential areas with those parties who can best accomplish the tasks. It can manage placement with multiple parties in different areas to assure maximum geographic distribution to reduce weather related risks.

Pricing Mechanism

Perennial Crops
Seed-link can provide a pricing facility for perennial crops which assures the buyer and the multiplying company that the price for the crops produced correctly reflects the relative value of the proprietary seed crop produced in the marketplace in the year in which it is marketed. Seed-links strength as a international seed broker provides it with a continuous flow of business activity for non proprietary public varieties which are the primary competitors of multiplied proprietary varieties. By basing the price on the Average of a commonly available items over a period of the fall harvest period, and using the facility of Seed-link to independently establish these values, a competent pricing mechanism accepted by Seed producing Farmers, the Multiplying & conditioning Company and the party for whom the production is undertaken is established.

Example of a Proprietary Timothy Variety Pricing approach:
The Price for standard Quality shall be the Average of the Values of OECD Certified Climax Timothy of like quality, basis CIF Main UK/European Container ports for the Weeks of August 15, September 15 and October 15, of the year of Harvest, as established by Seed-link Inc., plus a premium of Candol$ 3.00 / 100 lb., basis CIF Rotterdam.

Because Seed-link is neutral, acting in a brokerage capacity between buyers and sellers, its pricing is recognized as accurate and unbiased.

Annual Crops
Seed-link is constantly in contact with multiplying companies who are interested in multiplying annual crops. This provides an insight into the values required to provide required economic returns to Pedigreed seed growers in comparison with commodity crops. This allows placement of acreage's in the most competitive production areas while continuing to recognize the importance of geographical distribution. Successful Pedigreed seed production organizations regularly lodge with Seed-link potential availability of acreage's from very competent and successful seed growers. This significantly improves the potential for success of increase projects. This reduces the risk of the development of significant seed advertising and promotion programs, which fail because there is inadequate seed to deliver to the market.

Range of Pedigreed Production experience

Cost of Seed-link's Professional Assistance
The cost of supervision and of establishing prices is minor and equivalent to the cost of usual brokerage. (Usually 3% - 5% of the Invoice Price.) As the cost of Brokerage is a usual component of the pricing of the product upon which prices are based (In the example above - Climax- CIF) and is paid by the seller. This basically means that no additional costs are incurred by Buyers for whom multiplications are managed, resulting in maintenance of usual comparative values for proprietary varieties.

Seed-link has a long-standing reputation for maintenance of the confidentiality of the business it conducts for its clients. This assures that positions, strategic planning and development of production programs and the pricing of contracts remains private.

Areas of Activity
Seed-link's primary areas of multiplication supervision activity are Canada and United Sates with species adapted in the temperate zones. Because of its broad range of contacts and activity, Seed-link does engage in contra-season increases of certain temperate zone annual crops with Southern hemisphere multiplying firms.

Where Pedigreed Seed Crops are Grown with Seed-link


If your objective is explore new areas of business activity, new production areas or just obtain new competitive production proposals contact Seed-link outlining your needs and objectives and see what this highly professional group can do to help you expand and develop your business. Seed-link brings to the table a range of experience in this field unparalleled in the Seed industry.

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